Payroll in Xero launches encryption for UK payslip PDFs

As an extra measure to keep you and your employees information nice and safe, UK Payroll administrators will now have password protect payslips when sending them through email. This is now automatically enabled on all Payroll orgs.

Here’s how it works

The next time you process a pay run in Xero you can choose which employees will receive an encrypted payslip via email.

The email that you send will now include instructions on how to unlock their payslip. Please note that the password is case sensitive as employees will not be able to open their payslip unless the password and case are correct.

Choose how to deliver payslips to your employees

Payroll in Xero offers many other ways to deliver payslips to your employees. Employees can log in to view their payslips on the Xero Me mobile app or our MyPayroll web portal. Now that we encrypt any payslips you send through email, no matter how you choose to send out payslips you can rest assured they will be password protected.

Find out more about Payroll

Find out more about setting up payslips on Xero Central. Get the low down on all the latest improvements in payroll by joining our quarterly payroll product update, and get fully up to speed with Xero Payroll certification

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